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We Enhance Your Loved One’s Life by Providing the Best Care

At Alleviate Home Personal Care LLC, we offer a comprehensive home care plan with our Alzheimer’s Nurturing Services for your loved one. Our caregivers will provide a unique and effective approach to the needs of your loved one who is affected by Alzheimer’s Disease so that they can spend more time in their own homes and with their families.

Our caregivers will ensure to address their needs and help with their activities of daily living with a care plan tailored to their unique circumstances and routines.

We offer the following through our Alzheimer’s nurturing services.

  • Mental stimulation
  • Functional assistance, activities, exercises, walks
  • Orientating client to Person, Place and Time.
  • Making the client familiar with his/her surroundings
  • Comforting and making the client feel safe

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