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Homemaker Services for Busy Families


A clean home is a happy home. Keeping the home clean can also help reduce the risks of infection, illness, allergies, and chronic conditions for seniors aging at home. Sadly, many families do not have the time for regular home making

Our home care services can assist busy families with their home-making activities to foster a safer and cleaner environment for their elderly loved ones and the whole family. Benefits of our home making services include:

  • Improved Safety

    Mess and clutter are fall risks for seniors. They may trip or slip on litter, toys, charger cables, and loose wires. Homemaker services can help address clutter, resulting in better overall fall prevention for seniors aging at home. We also offer companion care in Indiana to help prevent falls and injury through mobility and walking support. 

  • Better Home Maintenance

    Seniors may need more time or energy to maintain their homes properly. Homemaking services like light housekeeping can identify and address minor maintenance issues before they become problematic. Better home maintenance can help seniors perform self-care activities more safely at home. We also offer personal care in Indiana for seniors struggling with their self-care activities. 

For reliable home care in Hammond, Indiana, call Alleviate Home Personal Care LLC at 219-803-0405. Our services include homemaking, personal care, companionship, and many more. 


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